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There are a number of common spreads, including crack spreads, arbitrage spreads, relative value spreads, and time spreads.
The heating oil crack spread may narrow once European and US refineries increase rates by end-October and focus on producing diesel.
We equally keep our European gasoil crack spread forecast for 2H10 of $11.
The fuel oil crack spread rose to a discount of around $2.
heating oil spread (A6); RBOB gasoline BALMO (1D); RBOB crack spread BALMO (1E); heating oil BALMO calendar (1G); heating oil crack spread BALMO (1H); Gulf Coast gasoline crack spread BALMO (1J); gasoline up-down BALMO (1K); ULSD up-down BALMO (1L); and jet up-down BALMO (1M).
By the start of the driving season, the gasoline crack spread improved slightly over the last two weeks, but it is still far below the level which was experienced over the same period in the last few years.
During the mid-1980s, the use of crack spread widely, especially in inner-city New York.
They found that crack spread predominantly among the most impoverished, disfranchised, and vulnerable segments of the population, while relatively few of their more well-to-do neighbors even experimented briefly with it.
Summer gasoline demand usually fattens margins for refiners with seasonally high levels for the crack spread, the premium of a barrel of gasoline over a barrel of crude oil.
The crack spread, the difference in value between a barrel heating oil and a barrel of crude oil, touched $45.
At least one substantial crack spread through the brick work raising fears about the safety of the front wall.