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I couldn't live without my Crackberry (and maybe the wife and kids).
Rutgers University Business School, New Jersey, reports: "The fast and relentless pace of technology-enhanced work environments creates a source of stimulation than may become addictive" -causing the BlackBerry to be nicknamed the CrackBerry.
com/rumored-devices-f150/whatever-bbd100-1-a-1113060/) CrackBerry forums .
According to a report by Crackberry last month, concept renders of the Hamburg, along with another device called 'Rome' were posted by online by Dylan Habkirk.
It could be so addictive that it was nicknamed "the CrackBerry.
So, basically, someone in Toronto has Top Gun's crackberry," the New York Post quoted a source as telling the National Post.
Cheesepodding Filling your generic mp3 player with downloaded songs so cheesy you'd never bring yourself to buy them in a shop Crackberry A complete inability to stop checking a handheld Blackberry even at the most inopportune of moments Cyberchondriac
Here's a message to all the CrackBerry addicts: Quit your whining and get over it.
You can be another invisible person checking your crackberry at Starbucks or try to connect with the people around you and have a much richer and more connected life," says Blank.
com/blackberry-keyone-f445/keyone-screen-has-come-off-after-small-drop-1109491/) CrackBerry forums have also reported that their handset's display would easily pop off after small drops.