Craft Union

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Craft Union

An association of laborers wherein all the members do the same type of work.

In a craft union, the members all perform an occupation, or trade, that relies on the use of the hands. They practice a particular trade and perform their work in different industries for a variety of employers. Carpenters and tool and die makers are types of employees who may belong to a craft union.


Labor Union.

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Many state-based craft unions, especially in manufacturing, opted to merge in light of a shrinking membership base produced, at least in part, by industry decline, and technological redundancy.
The merger came as the UIU started organizing workers on an industrial basis, shaking off the restrictive craft union mentality that had isolated and separated woodworkers from each other for 100 years.
Despite their general exclusion from craft unions and discrimination in vocational education and occupational licensure, construction in the South in 1930 provided blacks with more jobs than any industry except agriculture and domestic service.
Led by a conservative craft union representing the elite skilled workers in the mill, the whole town organized itself like an army to seize the mill and defeat a detachment of Pinkertons.
Nonetheless, such craft union militancy was also frequently accompanied by active resistance to organizing and admitting into union membership unskilled workers, who often worked alongside their skilled counterparts (for example, southern and eastern European immigrants working in the iron and Steel industries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries), as well as women workers (in early 20th century tailoring and garment manufacturing), and workers of colour (especially African Americans, but also Asian and Latino workers, in many industries and at various times).
Increased partnership between the Canadian Pipeline Advisory Council (CPAC), a co-operative joint labor/management group comprised of senior pipeline craft union representatives and PLCAC officers, and the owner clients by participating in meetings that resulted in an industry exclusive sharing of ideas between owners, contractors and the four trade unions.
AMFA will continue our 45 year quest to create the largest and most effective craft union for aviation mechanic and related workers.
These craft union members blamed the Labour Department's provocation, having "callously turned a deaf ear to their earlier demands for improved conditions over a long time.
Nimura attributes these differences to the evolution of labor and labor organization in Japan and notes in particular that Japan possessed little of the craft union tradition co mmon to the West and therefore evolved along different lines.
AMFA is the largest craft union representing aircraft technicians and related employees and serves members at Alaska Airlines, ATA, Horizon Air, Mesaba Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines.
KPS also thanks the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and NAB's craft union partners for their contributions toward the success of NAB.
Other ITU members, fearing that their union's identity would be lost in the Teamsters organization, sought a merger with the only other major craft union in the industry, the newly formed GCIU.