Craft Union

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Craft Union

An association of laborers wherein all the members do the same type of work.

In a craft union, the members all perform an occupation, or trade, that relies on the use of the hands. They practice a particular trade and perform their work in different industries for a variety of employers. Carpenters and tool and die makers are types of employees who may belong to a craft union.


Labor Union.

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The traditional answer to the supposed "failure' of the AFL is that it was wedded to a narrow craft unionism.
Although the AFL's relationship with the TLC brought undeniable benefits to workers, it triggered varied reactions in Canada's regions and served to radicalize many workers who bitterly opposed Gompers's vision of a more elitist North American craft unionism.
It argues that the radicalism of such organizations as the Socialist Party of America (SPA) and the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) did not derive from the "violence associated with frontier conditions or to the rapid emergence of an exploitative corporate capitalism in the mining West" but rather to the "traditions embedded in the world of nineteenth-century craft unionism and labor reform.
In Canada, the continuing dominance of craft unionism under American leadership hindered moves towards more effective political strategies.