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Hwyl and the craic may ring true to some extent in summing up Welsh and Irish cultures, but, according to Max, that's not quite true all the time.
Saturday's trip of 2m4f would have been a shade short for Twice The Craic and he gamely battled on after being headed, having jumped fluently in the main.
Four years ago, we got it right for a bit and then it swung too much towards the craic and not enough work - so it's important that we get that balance right.
The Irish band Quare Craic went down a storm and without doubt we will be inviting them back again to next year's festival.
It will be nice to answer the phone and say Woodman Corner instead of The Craic House because that sounded like a drug den.
Blasta and Savage Craic first got together three years ago in Dubai for a couple of tunes and continued the tradition last year.
TWO comedians are gearing up for the Laugh-A-Minute Craic Attack comedy tour starting in JJ's Irish Restaurant's music hall in Adliya this week.
CARDINAL Wiseman School pupils in Coventry joined in the craic at one of Europe's largest St Patrick's parades.
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He looked beaten when Some Craic took it up five out, but both horse and rider found more to lead at the third-last and stay on strongly to beat Topless by three and a half lengths.
What we like about ours is it lets the crew get out into the town and have good craic with the people who support us.