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Savage Craic play at Live Local Loud at Pyramids Rooftop Gardens @ Wafi on Friday courtesy of The Fridge.
There is nothing of that calibre in opposition here, so Back For The Craic should be able to take full advantage and earn a deserved first success.
Capital Region Tourism will be handing out thousands of hats bearing the slogan Craic v Hwyl to supporters as they head over to Dublin from Fishguard for the game on Friday and Saturday.
At the same time, we have good craic coming up and down so it's not too bad.
Four years ago, we got it right for a bit and then it swung too much towards the craic and not enough work - so it's important that we get that balance right.
THE CRAIC WAS MIGHTY: Tina Malone, with husband Paul , right, celebrates St Patrick's Day at Ma Egerton's PHOTO: Dave the Pap/Bond Media Agency
Craic Technologies has announced the addition of more laser wavelengths to its Craic Apollo Raman microspeotrometer.
TWO comedians will take to the stage at JJ's Irish Restaurant's music hall, in Adliya, next week for the Laugh-A-Minute Craic Attack comedy tour.
The Jags Irish striker likes to have a craic from distance.
Thursday is St Patrick's Day and millions will celebrate with some good old Irish craic.
COME and enjoy the craic as Ireland's popular patron saint is celebrated in Birmingham - the world's third largest St Patrick's Day celebration, bettered only by parades in Ireland and New York.
We're going over for the craic and atmosphere anyway, ticket or not.