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Reducing allogenic blood transfusions during pediatric cranial vault surgical procedures: a prospective analysis of blood recycling.
Various materials have been used to fill defects in the cranial vault, such as metal, xenografts, autografts, and allografts (Durand et al.
The primary injury creates chaos inside the cranial vault.
Best of all, the correction is permanent (unless the client has a traumatic blow to the cranial vault resulting from a car crash, bike fall, fist fight, etc.
The implants broke down under constant jaw pressure, causing immune reactions, loss of jaw bone, and even penetrations of the cranial vault.
Metastases to the epidural or subdural surfaces of the cranial vault, collectively considered "dural metastases," were identified in 9% of their cases.
Compared with cranial vault length from Southeast Asians, both prehistoric (Tayles 1999; Pietrusewsky 1997) and modern (Pietrusewsky 1981; Tildesley 1920-21; Warusawithana-Kulatilake 1996; Morant 1923; 1924; Olivier et al.
John Teichgraeber, pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Houston, TX, used the services of Medical Modeling Corporation, Golden, CO, to prepare for and refer to while performing a fronto-orbital advancement with cranial vault remodeling on a 9-monthold patient.
Measurements of the cranial vault are too crude to separate closely spaced, time-successive populations within a restricted geographic region with any precision.