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Our series of 339 individuals provides the largest series of cranial volume data in children using a proven, accurate technique that we have found in the literature to date, and can provide useful reference in the investigation of any condition influencing cranial vault growth.
At least 43 individuals represented primarily by fragmentary cranial vaults and/or mandibles have been recovered from 37 separate spaces at Catalhoyuk (Table 3).
This concept describes the skull, or cranial vault, as a rigid box with a finite volume.
Posterior cranial vault expansion in the treatment of craniosynostosis.
As each Melanau community was characterized by its own cultural and social characteristics (Morris 1989:185) these findings may, however, also reflect geographic differences in the aspects of cranial vault modification itself.
The MRI imaging features of cranial vault defects have been described in postnatal live births and postmortem fetuses [1].
Artificial cranial modification (ACM) is the manipulation of the cranial vault through the use of externally applied forces in order to change the natural form of the skull (Anton and Weinstein 1999; Gerszten 1993; Perez 2007).
A compression of brain occurs in calves with hypovitaminosis A due to failure of growth and sculpturing of cranial vault to accommodate growing brain.
12) Mutations induced in several genes of the NOTCH signaling pathway such as Jagged2 and Hes1 in animal models like mice have shown alterations in the development of various craniofacial structures including palate, teeth, jaws, cranial base, and cranial vault.
20 ( ANI ): Scientists have claimed to have found proof that Peruvian healers practiced trepanation - a surgical process that involves removing a section of the cranial vault using a hand drill or a scraping tool - more than 1,000 years ago to treat a variety of ailments, from head injuries to heartsickness.
Extraoccipital encephalocoele may protrude through defects in other portions of the cranial vault.
Doctors call that thing the cranial vault, after all, and powerful hollowpoints that bite in and keep going straight would be called for on headshots.