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Human milk is the one thing that keeps these [impoverished] babies alive," Crase said.
Moreover, the case for structural change through municipal mergers is often met with the claim that shared services represent a superior means of securing any benefits attendant upon council size and its scale of operations (Dollery, Crase and Johnson, 2006).
In addition, Beresford Wylie, Watts and Thurairaja (2006) have argued that Public Private Partnerships (PPP) should be given a much greater role in local infrastructure provision, while Byrnes, Dollery, Crase and Simmons (2008) have proposed the use of council asset-backed securities to fund the backlog in local infrastructure maintenance and renewal.
In addition, there is little research on what influences individuals to become foster parents (Baum, Crase, & Crase, 2001; Cox, Buehler, & Orme, 2002), and no earlier research on why some families discontinue fostering during the first year, despite documentation of high dropout rates during this time.
CRASE - Lela Estalee Crase, 80, of Springfield, died Nov.
Neste ultimo caso, quando o toponimo estiver seguido de um complemento especificativo, e obrigatorio o emprego da crase.
Some still stand out-besides Koethe, Coleman and Justice, Allen Grossman, Donald Hall, Philip Levine and Richard Wilbur are in especially good form - while others, among them James Merrill and Douglas Crase, are inadequately represented.
iDEAL provides us with great access to vehicles nationwide before they are sent to physical auction," said Randy Crase, owner, Crase Auto Connection Inc.
He picked up everything he could read about those topics, but his greatest guide involved learning from the legacy of Air Force veteran and SPORTS TV SPOKES co-founder Cliff Crase, who died from pancreatic cancer in 2007.
While these amalgamations motivated by both national initiatives as well as the referendum process have decreased the number of local governments in these countries, there is little evidence that substantial cost savings have been achieved (Dollery, Crase and O'Keefe, 2009).