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Although I could describe the program in detail with a complete outline of the events, I don't believe it would give justice to what participating in the 2014 Crashers group meant to me.
WHO is the other Wedding Crasher, along with Vince Vaughn?
According to the Wall Street Journal, the movie has been such a hit that it has inspired scores of copycat incidents around the country, with wedding crashers painstakingly scouring the society pages seeking nuptial celebrations that look like they might be fun to infiltrate.
Apparently Vince Vaughn, her co-star in The Break-Up, has paired Jen up with his Wedding Crashers sidekick, Owen Wilson.
In addition to the familiar design faces were two less-than-appropriately dressed young party crashers who unsuccessfully attempted to heist a small Picasso hung near the door.
Wedding Crashers is a filthy-minded romantic comedy that follows two friends who get their kicks by gatecrashing weddings for their own libidinous gain.
Hailing from a small mountain town eight hours east of LA called Flagstaff, AZ, Stab City play a straight-ahead, heavy punk style, complimented by two young Darby Crashers (one male, one female).
family got the surprise of a lifetime yesterday when DIY Network's Kitchen Crashers host Alison Victoria delivered the news via Skype to Brigitte and Chase Ratzlaff that they are the winners of DIY Network and Food Network Magazine's "Worst Kitchen in America" contest.
For once, the veteran broadcaster will be cosseted from such unglamorous tasks as he presents Channel 4's new series Time Crashers, which sees 10 celebrities sent back in time to scratch a life as an ordinary person.
This season's Blog Cabin special features an all-star team of renovation experts that helped to transform the former 1920s bungalow into a lakeside retreat, including Jason Cameron of Sledgehammer, Anitra Mecadon of Mega Dens, Matt Muenster of Bath Crashers, Alison Victoria of Kitchen Crashers, Chris Lambton of Yard Crashers, and Jake and Joel Moss of Yardcore.
com)-- "Birthday Crashers," a short film written by David Klein and Directed by French Director Etienne Goldet, known for his short "Freaky Saturday Night Fever" with Gary Busey, and Produced by Chiron Films, Inc.