Credible witness

credible witness

n. a witness whose testimony is more than likely to be true based on his/her experience, knowledge, training and appearance of honesty and forthrightness, as well as common human experience. This is subjective in that the trier of fact (judge or jury) may be influenced by the demeanor of the witness or other factors. (See: credibility)

CREDIBLE WITNESS. A credible witness is one who is competent to give evidence, and is worthy of belief. 5 Mass. 219 17 Pick. 134; 2 Curt. Ecc. R. 336. In deciding upon the credibility of a witness, it is always pertinent to consider whether he is capable of knowing the thing thoroughly about which he testifies. 2. Whether he was actually present at the transaction. 3. Whether he paid, sufficient attention to qualify himself to be a reporter of it; and 4. Whether he honestly relates the affair fully as he knows it, without any purpose or desire to deceive, or suppress or add to the truth.
     2. In some of the states, as Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia, wills must be attested by credible witnesses. See Attesting Witness; Competent Witness; Disinterested Witness; Respectable Witness; and Witness.

References in classic literature ?
It was not a night in which any credible witness was likely to be straying about a cemetery, so the three men who were there, digging into the grave of Henry Armstrong, felt reasonably secure.
Ham Peggotty, who went to the national school, and was a very dragon at his catechism, and who may therefore be regarded as a credible witness, reported next day, that happening to peep in at the parlour-door an hour after this, he was instantly descried by Miss Betsey, then walking to and fro in a state of agitation, and pounced upon before he could make his escape.
Indeed, for an evidence to be believed, it must proceed not only from the mouth of a credible witness, but must be credible in itself as to hurdle the test of conformity with the knowledgeable and common experience of mankind,' the DOJ prosecutors ruled.
That someone reporting a crime isn't a credible witness because they may have had a drink?
When a million dollar casino heist takes a deadly turn, Riggs befriends the only credible witness, an 8-year-old boy, and takes him into his care.
Det Chief Insp Martin Slevin, who has led the investigation for several years now, told the ing here for the past eight weeks following a credible witness coming forward that gave us information about the day that Nicola went missing.
Mrs Lish concluded: "The complainant, who was lovely, but in my respectful submission she could not be confidently called a consistent or credible witness because of her condition, which I have great sympathy for.
In her closing speech prosecutor Anna Pope said the conviction showed he had a "proven sexual interest" in young children and the woman had made a credible witness recalling clearly events which had happened many years ago.
But Ms Gwynne insisted yesterday: "I knew straight away she was an incredibly credible witness.
Its findings continued: "We found her to be a credible witness who was doing her best to tell the truth.
But on the first charge they said a credible witness had seen Turner dragging the boy backwards across the classroom and forcing him into a chair.
I don't think we have a choice, it's a question of when," Mr Webber said of Pistorius's evidence, which experts describe as critical because the judge will have a chance to assess first hand whether he is a credible witness.