Crime against nature

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crime against nature

n. an old fashioned term for sodomy (anal sexual intercourse), which has been a crime in most states. Several states have removed consensual anal intercourse between consenting adults from the crime. However, in Indiana an ex-wife insisted on a criminal charge of sodomy being filed against her former husband, even though the act was consensual and during their marriage, and was convicted. The term is also applied to sexual intercourse between a human and an animal (bestiality) which is a crime in most states. (See: sodomy, bestiality)

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CRIME AGAINST NATURE. Sodomy. It is a crime not fit to be named; peccatum horribile, inter christianos non nominandum. 4 Bl. Com. 214. See Sodomy.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He called on the Government to "take a stand and make this crime against nature a crime by law."
Fur use is a true crime against nature and should be stopped.
Similarly, if somebody wants to convert or exploit someone's belief by giving some service or money, then that should also be treated as a crime -- a crime against nature, against humanity."
Readers also shared their anger and frustration at the developers for their involvement and Lee Redhead described the developers' actions as a crime against nature.
She said the destruction of mountain areas due to quarrying was a "crime against nature" and "this phenomenon will not persist under my term." She reiterated her decision to ensure the implementation of laws against domestic violence and said the Internal Security Forces would continue to be trained in this area.
The killing of the forest is a crime against nature, a sin against humanity.
The Day is a call to become more informed and more involved in stopping this crime against nature, communities and future generations, he said.
The Day is 'a call to become more informed and more involved in stopping this crime against nature, communities and future generations,' he said.
"When you build something somewhere so beautiful and unique, it has to blend in with its surrounding … or it would be a crime against nature," the museum's architect, Gabriel Mikhail, told the Associated Press.
They include animals in a They include animals in a permanent state of rigor mortis, those anatomically incorrect that could be considered a crime against nature and the completely surreal.
The CANS statute was adopted in 1982 when, in an unprecedented move, Louisiana expanded its Crime Against Nature statute (4) to include the CANS provision.
What an absolutely heinous, devastating crime against nature and the planet.