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During preparation of the proposal, police authorities argued in favour of applying the anti-terror law against street crime suspects, saying that such armed men in fact cause panic and fear in society.
The operation was aimed at targeting crime suspects believed to be responsible for outstanding crimes.
TOKYO - The head of the Fukushima District Public Prosecutors Office has been transferred to a post at the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office effective Monday, the justice ministry said, in an apparent punitive move for releasing 31 crime suspects shortly after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.
A picture of Piovesana was posted on an FBI-style Crimestoppers national computer website of crime suspects last month
In contrast to participants in the lab studies, the crime suspects didn't show any overall increase in speech disturbances or decrease in hand-and-arm movements.
The dismissals appeared to be aimed at removing those likely to use their police, financial or political powers to help war crime suspects.
Human rights lawyers welcomed the groundbreaking decision as providing a new "safeguard" - although on narrow grounds - against any bid to remove alleged terrorists or crime suspects to foreign countries in a manner which was an abuse of English court procedure or "in bad faith".
Fifty-two percent of these interactions were traffic stops, 19 percent were to report crimes, 12 percent were to ask for assistance, 9 percent were to report neighborhood problems, 8 percent were involved in traffic accidents, 5 percent witnessed traffic accidents, 3 percent witnessed crimes, 3 percent were questioned as crime suspects, 1 percent attended crime prevention meetings and 1 percent were served with a warrant.
Policemen only have to perform their duties, even if it meant killing crime suspects during operations, to get his full backing, President Rodrigo Duterte has reiterated.
POLICE and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones must be struggling to find something constructive to do to seek a photo opportunity to latch on to the launch of a brilliant initiative by West Midlands Police of hi-tech mobile fingerprint scanners which help officers to ID crime suspects in seconds.
EMERGENCY laws drawn to ensure crime suspects have a lawyer present when they are questioned will cost police up to pounds 20million per year.

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