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Precedent indicates that the Alaska Legislature may statutorily approve additional petitions for review for crime victims that in other states would be characterized as petitions for writs of mandamus.
Admittedly, crime victims can already be aided by a state-run system aimed at aiding victims of random street murders and other unforeseeable accidents.
Synopsis: Gallup's annual Crime poll finds little change in the percentage of Americans who say they were crime victims in the past year, with roughly 3 in 10 saying they or a member of their household has been a victim.
We believe in the people of Liverpool and we know that so many of you want to show solidarity with Rhys's family and the families of other gun crime victims.
Also, why print O.J.'s attacks on crime victims such as Nancy Grace?
Victims' families are "numb with disbelief." said Roper, a founder and chairwoman of the Maryland Crime Victims' Resource Center in Maryland.
Survey shows different attitudes among crime victims, general public
However, what any individual taxpayer "needs" is a subjective determination, and the IRS has applied the GWE to many different contexts, including education assistance, payments to facilitate adoption, certain economic development grants and even payments to compensate crime victims. Note: Age, in and of itself, is not a demonstrated need.
The Foundation will collect and review existing materials on crime victim issues, develop course and resource materials, and conduct training and awareness programs for the private security to improve understanding of crime victims' issues and rights and provide recommended responses to crime.
The district court denied the request, finding that the statute that allows crime victims to be "reasonably heard at any public proceeding in the district court involving release, plea, sentencing or any parole hearing" did not mandate oral presentation of a victim statement.
A project to help crime victims from ethnic minorities in a Midland shire will be abandoned unless its leaders find pounds 20,000.
There were 5,190 hate crime victims of crimes against persons in 2005.