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(19.) See Fortinet, supra note 16, at 7-8 (arguing inability of individual central government agenciesto prevent spread of crimeware alone).
ZeuS, crafted by an Eastern European organized crime network, is primarily a crimeware kit designed to steal usersEoACAO online banking login credentials and other personal data.
Other known crimeware tools include the Fragus Exploit Kit and the Spyeye.
* Cybercriminals use sophisticated crimeware tools to steal money online and avoid detection
Deceptive Trojan horses, multi-purpose bots, and spyware programmes form the crimeware arsenal of today's hackers and are regularly bought and traded on the illicit market.
All website requests by employees connecting to the Internet from outside the company network are first redirected to the systems in the Kaspersky Lab data centre where they are checked for crimeware. Malicious code and spyware are filtered before they even enter the company network.
"Cybercriminals continue to increase their activities to levels never before seen in the five years since the APWG has been monitoring phishing and crimeware," APWG Chairman Dave Jevans said in a statement.
Cuando un software produce perdidas economicas en el usuario del equipo, tambien se clasifica como software criminal o crimeware.
"Increasingly, crimeware has a single goal - to turn data into money.
According to the company, Norton Confidential provides consumers with a dual level of protection against fraudulent phishing web sites and eavesdropping crimeware. In addition, Norton Confidential increases protection when consumers are most at risk (when they begin sharing their confidential personal information like passwords and account numbers) and provides clear visual indicators that let consumers know if it is safe to conduct business online.
Crimeware can--and probably does--arrive several times a day into your e-mail's inbox, and an unpatched computer can pick up a "drive-by" infection simply by visiting an infected site.
'Our latest Threat Intelligence Report underscores how cybercriminals and crimeware have not only gone to business school, but they can now teach classes,' said Hardik Modi, NETSCOUT's senior director of threat intelligence.