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If you want to learn more about online fraud and crimeware, visit a new Web site from Symantec that offers detailed explanations of well-known as well as nascent threats.
While phishing attacks continued against consumers, we saw that cyber criminals really focused new efforts on spreading malicious software, Trojans and crimeware," said APWG Chairman Dave Jevans.
In addition, students have been supplied with free licenses for the company's home user product Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 that can be installed on their own machines, increasing protection against possible crimeware threats.
During 2007, Finjan's MCRC covered the trend of new Crimeware that purely focuses on financial gain, as well as the way it works to get revenue out of each infection.
It claimed the solution protects users as they transact, provides zero-hour protection against fraudulent websites and crimeware, and is intended to restore consumer trust in completing online transactions.
For example, Turner says that some of the modules can disable security software; others reach out for and download pieces of crimeware.
Attacks were discovered in the wild and the exploit was quickly integrated into many popular crimeware attack kits, such as BlackHole, Redkit and Nuclear Pack, giving purchasers of these kits the ability to take advantage of the exploit and install malware on computers.
Blackhole crimeware kit received add on of the loopholes and it would-be cyber criminals can purchase, giving them the tools needed to carry out activities like identity theft, hacking or installing malicious software.
org has emerged as what's perhaps the biggest of the crimeware forums, Chien says.
have announced that its Malicious Code Research Center (MCRC) has identified yet another significant new a genre of crimeware that threatens to turn highly trusted web sites into insidious traps for unwary visitors.
The focus has now moved on to the crimeware toolkits that generate the infections more easily and with greater force.