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During August, Finjan SecureBrowsing Alerted Users to More Crimeware Than in the Previous Three Months Combined
Said Ben-Itzhak, "This new strain of finely crafted crimeware is more evasive and duplicitous than traditional phishing schemes.
Finjan Reveals How New Crimeware Steals Bank Customers Identities
As security processor costs become more affordable, it is possible to embed increasingly sophisticated layers of protection inside portable devices to protect enterprise and government networks from media-borne malware and crimeware.
Lotto Sport Italia needed to secure all its locations from malicious Web threats entering its networks and to reduce the downtime of its networks caused by Crimeware threats - more specifically spyware attacks and Crimeware that exploit application's vulnerabilities to steal valuable business data.
The Command & Control applications on this Crimeserver enabled the hacker to manage the actions and performance of his Crimeware, giving him control over the uses of the Crimeware as well as its victims.
Get the Zeus Crimeware Kit Threat Advisory to learn more In the advisory, PLXsert shares its analysis and details about the Zeus framework, including:
If you want to learn more about online fraud and crimeware, visit a new Web site from Symantec that offers detailed explanations of well-known as well as nascent threats.
Crimeware, malware and data leakage are proactively prevented via patented active real-time content inspection technologies and optional anti-virus modules.
All website requests by employees connecting to the Internet from outside the company network are first redirected to the systems in the Kaspersky Lab data centre where they are checked for crimeware.
Cybercriminals continue to increase their activities to levels never before seen in the five years since the APWG has been monitoring phishing and crimeware," APWG Chairman Dave Jevans said in a statement.
In its latest trends report for Q2 2008, the MCRC identifies and analyzes the latest Crimeware business operations, and provides a first-of-its-kind insider's look at the organizational structure of Cybercrime organizations.