Criminal Defence Service

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Criminal Defence Service (CDS)

the part of the system for the provision of LEGAL AID in criminal matters in England and Wales. It is established by the LEGAL SERVICES COMMISSION. In the main services are provided by solicitors under contract. They are audited against the contract. There may be provision of advice and assistance or advocacy services. There is a duty solicitor scheme. A CDS logo is available for solicitors to show the public that they are able to provide the contracted services. It is operating a pilot public defender system (as is the Scottish Legal Aid Board).
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I WAS concerned to read the comments Denise Robertson made in her column about Criminal Defence Service (CDS) Direct ("Right to remain silent?", The Journal, October 16)
Sir - i was concerned to read the comments Denise Robertson made in her column about Criminal Defence Service (CDS) Direct, "Right to remain silent?", (Western Mail, October16).
The Criminal Defence Service Direct scheme deals with charges relating to less serious offences.
The judge ordered the Criminal Defence Service to launch an investigation into Adams's total realisable assets to recover his own legal costs He said that an investigation into Adams's wealth was necessary because of his "complete refusal to respond to repeated requests for detailed information about your means".
"It is absolute rubbish that they closed down because of the ample alternative Criminal Defence Service supply.
He headed a list of 12 barristers who trousered a total of pounds 8,934,000 from the Criminal Defence Service.
Richard Collins, Director of the Criminal Defence Service and involved in the amendments to legal aid fees, said he believes members of the Birmingham Bar are worrying unnecessarily.
Almost 180 of these involved last-minute changes of plea and police are to work with the Criminal Defence Service to try to avoid this.
Why, for example, was it possible for both the `political' and `managerial' firms to provide a decent quality of criminal defence service to their clients, while operating under the same legal aid system that many other firms said prevented them from doing so?
The Law Society had warned that bestvalue tendering for criminal legal aid contracts could not begin during the current uncertainty over criminal defence service pricing.
Following that, the solicitor has to work as an advocate for 12 months - basically doing the job - before they can then apply to become a duty solicitor via the Criminal Defence Service.