criminal act

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The proposed law aims to make sure that a person found guilty of criminal acts is not allowed to take advantage of his Bahraini nationality to continue committing further offences, the report said.
that must have been a criminal act by the Americans.
The word "stupid" is often used by police and judges when summing up cases of criminal acts, such as placing of things on railway lines, dropping things from road bridges, throwing things at the fire brigade and other serious acts of vandalism.
Yet using vagrancy law presented a problem: vagrancy was a status, not a criminal act, and under both legal and common sense definitions, most prostitutes' customers were not vagrants.
2) While most extant theories at that time focused primarily on criminals and their motivations and environment, the routine activity theory simplified concepts generally taken for granted by criminologists; it took the focus away from the criminal and redirected it toward the criminal act.
Tided 'A Line in the Sand', it considers an emerging debate on 'the nature of space and the consequences for architectural theory' raised by this obstruction; a debate between the architect Eyal Weizman, who sees it as a criminal act of architecture, and Simon Navez, an Israeli general, who sees it as 'simplistic and vulgar' and seeks in the writings of Deleuze and the Situationists a more effective means of separation and erasure.
My investigation doesn't indicate that there was any criminal act associated with the decedent's death,'' homicide Sgt.
State inmates brought separate pro se actions for federal habeas corpus relief, each alleging that prison officials violated his due process rights by revoking earned credits in prison disciplinary hearings for a criminal act that he did not commit.
As I will not tolerate the loss of any one of these brave men or women due to the failure of an officer's character, I will not tolerate a single unreported criminal act on the part of our cadets.
Presiding Judge Tetsuya Yoshimoto said Kitamura, 33, was involved in the criminal act itself as he was aware of the plan in advance and clearly realized killing power of sarin gas.
To increase the punishment for a criminal act depending upon the identity of the victim also seems un-American.