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They were not sure who had criminal charges or not," Itto stressed, adding that the ruling party leadership shoulders the responsibility to pave way for peace and reconciliation.
According to the figures, at least 183 sub- inspectors, 145 assistant sub- inspectors and 57 inspectors of the Delhi Police face criminal charges for several offences.
The new policy appears likely to require accused banks to plead guilty to criminal charges for the first time and to pay larger fines than in the past.
The evidence does not require us to recommend yet the criminal charges so we are investigating it further," she told the Bello panel.
Kurtishi explains that they wonder why the police held them for six hours and them released them and adds that he has still not received the criminal charges filed by the police.
Gupta's attorney, Gary Naftalis, made no comment on possible criminal charges, but he issued a statement echoing his previous comments that Gupta committed no wrongdoing.
Former SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow will plead guilty to criminal charges of copyright infringement for downloading software from Oracle's servers.
ANA joined forces with the Texas Nurses Association (TNA) in July 2009 to raise the alarm about the criminal charges brought against two Texas nurses and the fact that the results of the case could have a lasting and negative impact on future nurses speaking out as patient advocates.
Summary: Reports have suggested that Mel Gibson will accept a plea deal when he faces criminal charges for domestic violence.
The first two criminal charges refer to the scandal with the 750,000 euros found with the driver of Media Print Macedonia and the other two criminal charges refer to the accusations that party advertisements of VMRO-DPMNE were paid for with budget funds," said Boris Kondarko, chief of the legal team of SDSM.
On June 17, 2010 the Arizona State Board of Nursing reviewed and revised the Policy on Reporting Criminal Charges.
A jury had previously convicted four of the civil defendants on criminal charges stemming from such activity at Enterasys.