criminal offense

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- Ramiz Micivoda, by the acts described in Counts 10, 11 and 12, committed the criminal offense of War Crimes against Prisoners of War under Article 175(1)(a) as read with Article 180(1) of the CC BiH, all in conjunction with Article 29 of the CC BiH,
The goal of these organizations is destabilization and violent change of Syria's political and constitutional order, having been listed as terrorist groups and organizations by the UN SC 1999 Resolution R-1267 dated 30 May 2013, whose members, by their daily armed actions and attacks on the population, by killing, unlawful incarceration, taking of hostages and other actions, intend to force Syria's legitimate authorities to change the constitutional order and political regime, whereby he committed the criminal offenses he has been charged with, stated the BiH Court.
In the mentioned period, as he stated, no criminal offenses were committed, which would cause greater disturbance among the citizens.
Busovaca responsible for the continued criminal offense of Tax Evasion or Fraud under Article 210(2) of the CC BiH as read with Articles 54 and 124 of the CC BiH, so the Court fined the legal entity with 100,000.00 KM (one hundred thousand convertible marks).
Following the investigation, the Cantonal Prosecutor's Office, after hearing a number of witnesses and analyzing the material documentation, confirmed that there are grounds for suspicion that the accused had committed the criminal offense that he is charged with.
Under the executive order, legal residents could be deported if they "have been convicted of any criminal offense" or even if they have only "been charged with any criminal offense, where such charge has not been resolved." 
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RAMALLAH, February 19, 2013 (WAFA) -- A little bit less than 10% of households in Palestine - 7.1% in the West Bank and 13.4% in Gaza Strip - were victims of criminal offenses during fourth quarter of 2012, according to a survey published Tuesday by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS).
They also had increased risks of physical abuse and referral to the juvenile justice system for theft and other criminal offenses.
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Home Office jointly launched a consultation to decide whether to introduce a specific criminal offense into law.
The line graph shows the average size of the prison population according to the type of criminal offense.
Waddams first explains that libel was treated as either a common law or criminal offense. Slander in contrast was only treated as a criminal offense when special damages were claimed for imputing to the victim a crime or loathsome disease, or disparaging his or her trade.