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And indeed, we should treat those claims as criticisable; this too is one of the consequences of that respect.
Take the case of a potentially criticisable suicide.
It appears that Bennett President Cole may be too close to home and thus not criticisable in the local press, which of course would be a great pall upon our First Amendment and accountability of local leaders.
Indeed, the notion of "rationalisation" is used oddly and possibly ambiguously by Quinn: it is positive as opposed to the demotic pejorative, and it leaves open the question of whether an action rationalised by a reason might nonetheless be rationally criticisable from another standpoint.
'Authorial revision' is a particularly difficult concept to apply to Middle English texts; Derek Pearsall's lucid discussion (39-48) shows the temptation of 'eliminat(ing) authorial revision (since this) contributes to the grandeur, integrity and iconic status of the single master-text, and makes it therefore more analysable, more criticisable, more interpretable' (47).
This requirement derives from a dialogical awareness that in our interaction with diversely situated others, we inevitably issue criticisable moral as well as epistemic claims which these diversely situated others are entitled to contest and challenge.