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Note: The Author desires me to add, that the misconception of some of his critics on this matter has induced him to insert in his dialogue with the Sphere, certain remarks which have a bearing on the point in question, and which he had previously omitted as being tedious and unnecessary.
Yet when due respect has been paid to this critic of old time, the fact still remains that concentration and suggestion are the two essentials of Chinese poetry.
In fact, it is said to have greatly offended the critics of St.
The critics say, that, if his poetry lacked the splendor of the gem, it retained all the coldness of the ice.
Many discussions were carried on as to the genuineness of the author's name and the reality of the events portrayed, but English and American critics alike recognised the book's importance as a contribution to literature.
This folio of four pages, happy work Which not even critics criticise," when I felt my attention somewhat aroused by the paragraph which follows :
Every fiction should have a moral; and, what is more to the purpose, the critics have discovered that every fiction has.
Oh, I like the past, but I don't like critics," the old woman declared with her fine tranquility.
Some critics believe that her garden was the scene of The Decameron, which lends it an additional interest, does it not?
Critics forgave the blunders of the piece for the sake of its principal character.
Welland and her sister-in-law were facing their semicircle of critics with the Mingottian APLOMB which old Catherine had inculcated in all her tribe, and that only May Welland betrayed, by a heightened colour
Not that Nasmyth took this tone about Raffles when he and I found ourselves cheek by jowl against the ballroom wall; he could forgive his franker critics, but not the friendly enemy who had treated him so much more gently than he deserved.