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CROPPER, contracts. One who, having no interest in the land, works it in consideration of receiving a portion of the crop for his labor. 2 Rawle, R. 12.

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Miss Cropper, 39, raised issues with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) about the state of The Cut, which borders her dance club.
But Nicky Maynard levelled on 54 minutes before Cropper saw red late on after felling Eoin Doyle.
45am, when Gordon gave a "lying" account that Ms Cropper had fallen.
The wetlaid technology used to produce these materials is unique, adapted from the papermaking processes used by James Cropper PLC for 170 years to manufacture globally renowned luxury papers.
As soon as Mr Cropper took the message he alerted the police and the Mail's news desk, but even his fast actions were not enough to save those in the pubs.
Cropper said, This is simply a management agreement, and there is no reduction of staff or transition of employment planned, adding that the partnership "should create new job opportunities .
Glenda said: "From their first meeting, Hayley Patterson and Roy Cropper were destined to become one of television's most loved and enduring couples.
Her relationship with Roy Cropper which started out as a bad joke in 1998 blossomed unexpectedly into 16 years of unshakeable love and fidelity that not even Tracy Barlow and a vial of Rohypnol or a 12 month sabbatical in Mozambique could put asunder.
Music in the Round was the brainchild of Peter Cropper who came up with the idea several years ago when he was leader of the acclaimed Lindsay String Quartet.
Vp added that Mr Cropper will join its Groundforce division thus complementing the companya[euro](tm)s existing piling equipment business.
Corry Cropper, Playing at Monarchy: Sport as Metaphor in Nineteenth-Century France.