Cross action

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CROSS ACTION. An action by a defendant in an action, against the plaintiff in the same action, upon the same contract, or for the same tort; as, if Peter bring an action of trespass against Paul, and Paul bring another action of trespass against Peter, the subject of the dispute being an assault and battery, it is evident that Paul could not set off the assault committed upon him by Peter, in the action which Peter, had brought against him; therefore the cross action became necessary.

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OralB cross action pro-health manual tooth brush having criss-cross bristles which removes plaque from tight interproximal spaces.
For Braun, "the Oral-B Cross Action has been a huge hit," according to Mark Figlmiller, program manager for the company.
A spin-off benefit for the Irish Greyhound Board is how it will be able to feed off the satellite pictures already going to America, and offer Shelbourne and Harolds Cross action to other Irish tracks racing that same night, and so significantly boost intertrack turnover.
Consumer Housewares Award: Oral-B Cross Action toothbrush package.
5 cm long with 3 cm working length of jaws, jaw width of 2 to 3,Atraumatic cross action Bull dog vascular clamp with Straight ,Atraumatic cross action Bull dog vascular clamp with ,Atraumatic micro bulldog vascular clamp with straight jaw of length 14 mm, Debakey type inner jaw,,Atraumatic micro bulldog vascular clamp with curved jaw of length 14 mm, Debakey type inner jaw,,Straight Ring tipped micro forceps, made of high quality stainless steel with diameter of the ring 1.
P&G)/ Gillette Oral-B Indicator, Cross Action, Advantage Plus and CrossAction Vitalizer lines.
29 Buy 4 for pounds 10; Oral B Cross Action Vitalizer toothbrush each Buy 1 get 1 FREE pounds 2.
This later became known as the first International Red Cross action.
The Friends of Weycock Cross action group have called the meeting amid mounting concerns about plans by two developers.
Duane Reade also featured three oral care items--Colgate toothpaste, Oral-B Cross Action manual toothbrushes and Listerine mouthwashes--in its weekly promotions.
Just a year after launching the Oral B Cross Action Vitalizer, the Cross Action brand leads all others in sales of manual toothbrushes, trailing only the combined sales of private label offerings, according to IRI.
For instance, he says, a manual toothbrush similar to Gillette's Oral-B Cross Action -- which can carry a price point as high as $4.

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