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A demand made in a Pleading against another party on the same side of the lawsuit.

For example, a manufacturer of desks shipped thirty desks to a buyer by truck. When the buyer refused to pay because the desks arrived in a damaged condition, the manufacturer sued both the buyer and the trucking company. The buyer did not know whether the manufacturer or the trucking company was responsible for the damage, so the buyer served an answer containing a denial that he owed money to the manufacturer for unusable desks and a cross-claim demanding that the trucking company compensate him for the damage to the desks.

A counterclaim is comparable to a cross-claim except that it is a claim against an adverse party in the lawsuit, not a party on the same side of the lawsuit.

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(11) Thus, the court of appeals affirmed the mortgagee's priority over that of the judgment creditors, notwithstanding the mortgagee's failure to file a cross claim foreclosing its mortgage.
Although Welsbach argued the point in its motion for summary judgment, Supreme Court did not base its grant of the motion on this ground, nor could it have because, as that court concluded, 'the city raised no cross claims against Welsbach' and, thus, the issue was never 'part of' the Angerone action....
Ms Cross claimed Mr Dove went downstairs to knock on Bulman's door to complain about the noise but, when she followed, she found Bulman "kicking him to the top half of his body".
We just need to study very well how to resolve problems [regarding cross claims made by some people] and the safety of the area before we let the Little Kibungan victims occupy it, the mayor said.
A New Zealander serving with the Red Cross claimed a dying Canadian private told him he'd seen the soldier crucified to a tree, rather than a barn.
Cross claimed her third as Harmanpreet Kaur collected a pair after being caught at the wicket.
Yarm's Lucinda Cross claimed the Under 13s title, with Jenny Melling (Guisborough) second, Chloe Hill (Sedgefield) third and Elsie Lonsdale (Guisborough) fourth.
City could have had a third before the interval as Navas had a dangerous cross claimed by Akinfeev and the goalkeeper produced a fine one-handed save to keep out a Silva free-kick.
Cross claimed gold in the 100m backcrawl, as well as three silvers in the 100m butterfly, 200m individual medley (IM) and the 100m breaststroke.
In contrast, Cross claimed that it was possible that a very strong person using a spear throw with a limp body could have thrown such a body to the identified landing spot.
Cross claimed three stumpings, each of them worth 25 points on Sporting Index's performance market, against Worcestershire to finish with a make-up of 84.