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To have a mathematical relation for temperature drop in terms of depth of cross section, a linear equation or more accurately a fourth-degree polynomial is the most suitable choice after testing different curve fittings.
The interpolation for the nearest data for each energy interval as a function of cross sections and their corresponding errors have been done using Matlab-8.
com)-- Golden Software, LLC, the leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software, announces the release of Strater 5, an intuitive subsurface visualization program designed to display a wide variety of well log, borehole, and cross section data.
The Georgia Tech team built an ultra-high vacuum system that simulates conditions in space, then performed the first-ever reported measurement of the water photodesorption cross section from an actual lunar sample.
In this paper, a first approach to the combined study of the chip morphology, the cross section and cutting parameters has been developed.
It shows various steps like loading (open and display) image file in bmp file format, drawing section lines, entering contour values, submission of contour values, and display of cross sections.
In these studies, the mechanical properties concerning the longitudinal axis such as Young's modulus in the longitudinal direction, and the shear moduli and Poisson's ratios on the radial and tangential sections were examined, whereas the properties about the radial and tangential axes such as Young's modulus in the radial and tangential directions and the shear modulus and Poisson's ratio on the cross section were not examined.
The two exposed cross sections were then polished with 800-grit wet-dry sandpaper on a lapidary wheel to remove saw marks.
In that report the atomic photo effect cross sections of nine elements, Z= 28-50, were obtained and compared with the theoretical values.
obtain satisfactory physical cross sections from single fibers, multiple fibers and fiber tufts;
This in turn generates four variant terraces, the cross sections of which combine spaces from up to four self-contained units, each with their own entrance and external garden.