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Table 6 presents the results of the refined determination by (1) taking into account the data of Table 2, 4 for the case [J.sub.ill][not equal to] 0 of permissible cross sections [] of current-carrying copper (aluminum) parts of wires and cables of power circuits for general industrial purposes at [t.sub.kC]=160 ms and the amplitude [] of steady-state SC current changing discretely in the range (30-100) kA ([T.sub.a]=20 ms).
In this article, it is shown that the ideal tendon profile in the posttensioned beam could be determined by automated computer inspection of the Magnel diagrams, in the various cross sections without drawing any quadrilateral on paper.
Figure 2 gives the scattering cross sections of spheroid quartz particles with different sizes.
To have a mathematical relation for temperature drop in terms of depth of cross section, a linear equation or more accurately a fourth-degree polynomial is the most suitable choice after testing different curve fittings.
Moreover, for calculating the fragmentation component of the cross sections, we use in all predictions the NLO Bourhis-Fontannaz-Guillet FFs of photons [101].
Accordingly, in this study, we propose a method of determining the corresponding relation between the two 3D blood vessel models to extract the cross sections at the corresponding positions and matching them.
1--The sets of experimental cross sections data are collected for different authors and with different energy intervals.
Designed for geoscientists and engineers, Strater converts geotechnical, geophysical, environmental, mining, and mud/gas data from a wide variety of file formats into 15 different log types, borehole models, and cross section views.
The Georgia Tech team built an ultra-high vacuum system that simulates conditions in space, then performed the first-ever reported measurement of the water photodesorption cross section from an actual lunar sample.
Equation (4) was used to find the integrated scattering cross sections between 0[degrees] and the corresponding angle, [theta], subtended by the detector with respect to the scatterer at position P2.
In a previous paper [1] referred to as paper #1, it was demonstrated that the Lorenz-Mie (L-M) cross section for light scattering from monodisperse microspheres suspended in water gave a good description of absorbance measurements with a commercial spectrometer with an integrating sphere (IS) detector for wavelengths greater than 300 nm.