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CROSS. contracts. A mark made by persons who are unable to write, instead of their names.
     2. When properly attested, and proved to have been made by the party whose name is written with the mark, it is generally admitted as evidence of the party's signature.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is one of Britain's oldest and most faithful dogs but its survival is being threatened by a celebrity-led trend for new cross-breeds. Breeders believe a birthrate of 300 puppies a year is needed to guarantee a large gene pool and a healthy population.
Paxo is a tan-and-white cross-breed who is about three or four years old.
We have a great show lined up with some new props and sets and various breeds of dogs from Shetland sheepdogs and Labradors to two new dogs, Macie, a white German Shepherd and Cleo, a cross-breed.'
So if you have a cross-breed dog take him along for a chance of becoming a winner and going on to compete in the final, which will be held in London at Discover Dogs, Earls Court, on November 4.
The cross-breed dog - half pug, half beagle - is the pet of choice for Uma Thurman and Kelly Osborne.
Camels, falcons, salukis and horses populate its precincts for purposes of being researched, developing cross-breeds and creating new vaccines to meet challenging new afflictions.
Some people are conned into believing that cross-breeds are healthier than a pure breed, which is not always the case.
The law needs urgent amendment, particularly for cross-breeds, and the use of unlicensed premises for dog-breeding.
Of the hundreds of hunter-killed deer he's examined over the past fifteen years, only two were undoubtedly cross-breeds. However, other studies have found slightly higher rates of hybridization.
"Research shows that cross-breeds have fewer health problems than pedigree cats and dogs," said David Hiddleston, Churchill's business development director.
Victoria Beckham is said to have splashed out pounds 1,400 for a pair of miniature pot-bellied Gloucester Old Spot cross-breeds for husband David, who this week sealed a return move to Milan.