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QUARREL. A dispute; a difference. In law, particularly in releases, which are taken most strongly against the releasor, when a man releases all quarrels he is said to release all actions, real and personal. 8 Co. 153.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A 49-year-old man presented to our emergency department (ED) with a crossbow bolt impaled his left anterior neck.
Black Eagle's Zombie Slayer Crossbow bolts ($49.99 per 6, fletched, $89.99 per 12, bare shafts; www.blackeaglearrows.com) feature a three-step quality assurance process for maximum performance.
INJURED: The bird had two crossbow bolts in its neck and had also been shot several times with an air weapon
The hulking killer was then seen knocking Suzanne unconscious, firing a crossbow bolt into her head and chest and knifing her in the back.
The inquest has heard he indiscriminately fired a number of crossbow bolts from a bedroom window of his rented terraced house as he angrily remonstrated with police.
The jail's head of security, Mick Blick, last night revealed the latest potentially deadly technique of the smugglers - firing crossbow bolts over the high walls to the prisoners with contraband, mobile phones and narcotics attached.
"When the officers searched the house they found knives, crossbow bolts and a baseball bat in a bedroom.
Officer C said when he went into a garden backing on to Mr Richards house he was "aware" that crossbow bolts had been fired at unarmed colleagues.
Other animals to be shot with crossbow bolts (shown right) include a seagull in Rhyl, North Wales in March 2007; a three-year-old cat called Sooty
ODAY 'S revelation that smugglers are firing crossbow bolts over the walls into Liverpool prison to deliver drugs and mobile phones to inmates is a deeply worrying one.
Sadistic sheep killers blasted crossbow bolts through the necks of two ewes.
As with compound arrows, more expensive crossbow bolts have better straightness tolerances and other features.