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William famously crossed swords with the Earl when his uncle Edward's TV production company broke a media agreement and filmed him at university in St Andrews.
The liberal columnist from Texas, a former New York Times reporter until she crossed swords with Arthur Sulzberger, writes strong stuff from her base in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and her writings on the Texas Legislature, George W.
He considers himself a moderate, and he has often crossed swords with Vermont progressives--including a challenger from the state's Progressive Party who won 10 percent of the vote in the last gubernatorial election.
While Raiders caps were plentiful this week, few fans wore the crossed swords of Tampa Bay.
Did not Belloc write a book on The Servile State and did not Chesterton often refer to the ideological insanity of the secular idealists with whom he crossed swords, or rather crossed pens?
Sean Connery also revealed this week that he'd personally crossed swords with Blair on the possibility of Devolution proving a first step to Scottish independence.
Tomalonis and I have crossed swords before over her narrow view as to what constitutes "ballet.
For Antonio Banderas, who plays the hero in the new movie The Mask of Zorro, has crossed swords with his producers.
Mixner, an early champion of Clinton's, says Starr learned he had crossed swords with the White House on gay rights by reading his book Stranger Among Friends, published last year.