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Humans do not have any right to be cruel to animals, just as they cannot be cruel to other humans.
Factory farming is cruel to animals and is the greatest contributor worldwide to global devastation.
Anyone who harms pets or animals should all receive jail because I think Scottish law is far too light on people who are cruel to animals.
She told the Star on the sidelines that most farmers do not know that Cap 360 makes it an offence to be cruel to animals.
"Vegans believe animal farming is wasteful of land and resources, cruel to animals and the resulting milk, dairy and eggs are bad for their health.
Mr Sekwababe urged donkey cart users to observe road signs, put reflectors on their carts and stop mistreating animals as it was against the law to be cruel to animals.
Kant had odd views about animals, seeing them as mere things, devoid of moral value, but he insisted on their proper treatment because of the implications for how we treat one another: "For he who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men." We could surely say the same for the treatment of lifelike robots.
When I said something, a very rude owner jumped on me accusing me of being cruel to animals. Pathetic.
Miss Pleasant, who has a black Labrador called Leo, said: "I am a dog lover and I believe this is cruel to animals.
Many of the practices of conventional factory farming of plants and animals harm the environment and are intrinsically cruel to animals. But there is no getting around the fact that so-called "ethically sourced" alternatives are more expensive, and not all pet owners can afford foods that are made with sustainable/humane ingredient sources.