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The 'Zero' actor has started a campaign #JusticeForAnimals to demand stricter laws, harsher punishment against animal cruelty and also amendment of the Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.
The charity's deputy chief executive Peter Laurie said it was "shocking" that the cat's abuser would only receive a prison sentence of six months at most for the "sickening" act of cruelty.
"The goal of Shop Vegan Style is to create an awareness of the importance of cruelty free goods, grow the market demand, and be able to deliver solutions to the problem.
Offenders are being caught in the act on camera - or are openly filming themselves harming animals - with RSPCA Cymru calling 2018 a year of "unimaginable cruelty".
The first element of cruelty is to patients who smoke when they are in hospital.
Cruelty Free International believe that this is "policy creep", which is a breach of the testing bans in the Cosmetic Regulation as well as REACH, which says that these should take precedence.
Cruelty is cruelty whether it's a cat that is owned or not, whether it's one cat or 20 cats.
The region was previously given the unwanted title of the cruelty capital of England and Wales after RSPCA figures for 2013 revealed that West Yorkshire had the greatest number of people convicted for animal cruelty offences.
Cruelty is destroying our families and society as a whole.
Ultimate Cruelty discusses the thoughts, memories, and emotions of the family's nightmare.