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Lastly, in a technology driven quirk worth mentioning, we have seen makeshift tents over cubicles of those staring at computer screens for hours on end, because lighting systems have not addressed the impact of glare on computers' monitors.
The shower cubicle - looking remarkably like a phone box - was surrounded by shoppers on Princes Street as model Claire Bullock, 23, walked in and started peeling off her clothes before taking a shower.
Good economic times are liberating for employees with a cubicle view of working life because they can have a little fun and probably won't get fired, said Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip character Dilbert.
There are so many knowledge workers in office cubicles that have a need for personalization, privacy or proper lighting.
There are eight family cubicles, two disabled cubicles - both containing toilets and one containing a shower - and 24 single cubicles.
Conversely, time spent together in office cubicles may make professionals decidedly less enamored with one another, especially if they don't heed cubicle etiquette.
Hand gel dispensers were on windowsills in cubicles and sinks were not used.
WHY not speed up luxury shower installation with one of Blanc's new hydro-massage cubicles.
A wall of sandblasted glass screens women's cubicles as well as neighbouring storerooms along the south-west wall.
It's critical to have flexible space so we can run cable, erect cubicles and convene ad hoc meetings for team projects.
Those signs contrasted with the sad little snapshot displays in many of the cubicles, which indeed showed things as they are.