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History and geographic distribution of Cucurbita pepo gourds in Florida.
This paper uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map radiocarbon and accelerator mass spectrometry data on Zea mays and Cucurbita pepo published over the last sixty years to model the development of food production across North America.
They confirmed that MS-medium supplemented by 2 mg/1 2,4-D in combination with 1 mg/1 kin produced the highest biomass of callus tissues when induced from the rootless seedlings explants Cucurbita andreana.
What is the common name for the genus Cucurbita of the gourd family?
With 25 acres and more than 100 varieties of Cucurbita, Country Pumpkins has become a major fall attraction.
University of California (Oakland, CA) and Agrigenesis Biosciences Limited (Auckland, New Zealand) have patented a polynucleotide sequence encoding a component of the protein machinery involved in small RNA trafficking, Cucurbita maxima phloem small RNA-binding protein (CmPSRB 1), and the corresponding polypeptide sequence.
The plant species which are tested for host range are Cajanus cajan, Capsicum annuum, Chenopodium amaranticolor, Cicer arietinum, Cucumis sativus, Cucurbita pepo, Glycine max, Lycopersicon esculentum, Nicotiana glutinosa, N.
Though developed from their experiments with Cucurbita moschata, or Asian pumpkin--the kind you'll find in cans at your local supermarket--the technique should also be applicable to other members of the squash family, known to scientists as Cucurbitaceae, or cucurbits.
A long, slender, dark green variety of summer squash belong to the cucurbitaceae family of the genera cucurbita pepo, zucchini, in shape and size, resembles a cucumber.
pumpkin, summer or winter squash, marrow, Cucurbita maxima; Cucurbita pepo
A month or so later, around November, the leaves of squashes (Benincasa hispida, Cucurbita spp.
The order Violales contains many economically important plants [Begonia, Carica papaya, Citrullus, Cucumis, Cucurbita, Lagenaria, Luffa, Passiflora, and Tamarix] , it also includes the genus Viola (Cronquist, 1981).