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We calculated the facilitation value as the degree of processing benefit from the gaze cueing by subtracting reaction time with cues from reaction time without cues at each of the eccentric and foveal locations (Figure 3).
mainly at short SOAs at the cued location, thus leading to the observed cueing benefits (i.
We assume that in the modified version of the cueing paradigm with real game stimuli, cues that precede information rich areas, the hip in 1-on-1 situations, for example, will lead to faster response times and decisions, respectively.
Now, we can add 'there are indications that a 3-week cueing intervention improves 'posture and gait' and the confidence to carry out functional activities, without an increased probability of a fall'.
A number of spatial cueing studies have found, at short SOAs, processing advantages (such as faster response times) for targets appearing near the location of an uninformative sudden-onset peripheral stimulus, relative to targets appearing at a non-stimulated location (e.
A recent hypothesis proposed by Klein (2000) seems to account well for this modulation of cueing effects by task difficulty.
Early research using the symbolic cueing method suggested cueing effects could occur only when cues offered predictive information about the likely location of a following target (Jonides, 1981).
Auditory spatial cueing in visual search tasks: Effects of amplitude, contrast and duration.
It seems inadequate to think of the cueing effect obtained here as a filtering process.
We report two experiments that examine the effects of practice on the early facilitation and later inhibition of return (IOR) effects of cueing in detection and color-discrimination tasks.