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have a mechanical cause, and I strongly suspect that the entire passage is a scribal invention, arguably occasioned, once again, by the word cultre.
This word suggests that the scribe associated authorial cultre with Latin culter 'knife (esp.
24) Nevertheless, the form in T could acquire some degree of legitimacy if we assumed that Latin culter gave rise to Old Spanish cultre in an extraliterary context.
In her critical edition of the work, Maria Grazia Ciccarello di Blasi argues that either cultre or culter is archetypal, but she dismisses both forms--together with the circumlocution in S--as variants of the authorial culto 'ornament, necklace' (< Lat.
In conjunction with the adjective escritos, the placement of cultre under the heading "Invocacion mala" suggests that the word refers to a written spell or textual amulet intended to help the bearer obtain supernatural favor or protection.
37) We can be certain, therefore, that Flores's cultre was an actual object, not simply a literary invention or an aberrant word accidentally created during the transmission of his romance.
Aside from the references in Flores and Pineda, the only known attestations of the word cultre occur in early-sixteenth-century archival sources.