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Such consumption of television shows often become everyday practices in their daily lives for a long time, which also leads audiences to be acculturated to cultural codes and features of the TV shows they watch.
Changing cultural codes of (masculine) conduct filtered from the elite down to the peasantry, except for a small proportion (of young men) for whom status and identity were forged through violence.
contains greetings in eight languages and advice on cultural codes of different nationalities.
contains greetings in eight languages, including German, Chinese and Portuguese, and advice on the spending habits and cultural codes of different nationalities.
In short, the industry is as good as the male heroes it creates to respond to shifting cultural codes and generational demands over time.
In order to perpetuate the power of the party, a new generation subservient to values, cultural codes and references of the AK Party would be very instrumental.
Yet Nelk uses Lotman's lifelong investigation of cultural codes to recode documentary cinema.
In the same way, the new generation of British Asians were able to switch between Asian and English cultures, between different religious and cultural codes, with fluidity.
In the right hands, the graphic novel, as a form, has a propensity for juxtaposing a multiplicity of texts and images, and Weaver makes good use of this intertextuality to show the many cultural codes and hypocrisies in Lila's world.
Rather than focusing solely on obvious forms of textual conversation, such as dialogue and epistolary exchange, Katherine Larson works from a productively rich and yet historically grounded definition of 'conversation' to explore how women appropriated various cultural codes of conversation in their writings --whether psalm translations, prefatory addresses, household drama, or unanswered letters--in ways that emphasized their selected genres' interactive qualities.
And this analysis is of English version thus there might be chances of lapsing some cultural codes as translator might have converted cultural elements/words into English words.

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