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Cultural rites of passage have been examined globally and socio-anthropologically.
We celebrated Passover each spring more as a cultural rite (waiting impatiently for the matzoh ball soup as Grandpa davenned the Hagadah), wore suits and ties on the High Holy Days in the fall ("out of respect," my mother said, and, boy, was it a scandal in the apartment house when my friend Mitchell was seen heading for the playground on Yom Kippur in dungarees), and the boys suffered through endless early evenings in Cheder, paying dues toward that one Saturday morning when the bar mitzvah boy would be called to read from the Haftorah (when the congregation would be outnumbered by friends and relatives whose synagogue experiences were usually limited to such occasions).
Marshall's solution was to call for "universal" national service--a voluntary program appealing enough that young Americans would want to join, thus making national service a cultural rite of passage, though not quite a mandatory one.
First, the novel's actions focus on the cultural rite of female circumcision.
Meantime, Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan pointed out that as the beating of the gong symbolizes unity and cooperation among Cordillera communities either during good harvest or in cultural rites, every Cordilleran or person living in every province or cities in the region must continue to be inspired by the gong as a symbol to strengthen unity and commitment in pushing for regional autonomy towards sustainable regional development.

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