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Managing Built Heritage: the role of cultural significance is analytical and reflective but also draws on real life examples to illustrate particular issues, looking at current approaches and drawing out best practice.
The gradual evolution from designing semi-industrial buildings on edge-of-town sites to buildings of greater complexity and cultural significance in the centres of cities has moved the practice's architecture into a new and rewarding dimension.
With an itinerary that includes 40 of the 50 states, Professor Brinkley and his students will visit sites of literary, historical and cultural significance from Appomattox Courthouse to Woodstock.
aMuze has commenced production of a multi-media "experience" that will give visitors a deeper and broader understanding of these trophies, including their function in battle, their propaganda value on the "home front", and their artistic and cultural significance as artifacts.
Though first one of the only successful subjects due to long exposure times, the draw of architecture has remained strong because of its recursive artistry and cultural significance.
This is the oldest and renowned market of the city and customers from far off areas throng to this bazaar due to its cultural significance but it is pity that no arrangement to provide clean drinking water has been made, said a group of traders.
The proposed Lake District World Heritage Site is of outstanding universal value because of its unique cultural significance.
According to the latest issue of Gramophone magazine, Ludwig also shared Bono's socio-political ideologies, his cultural significance - and the fact he has no sense of humour.
The Eye for Colour exhibition reveals the origins of colour, how artists use it and its cultural significance across the world.
Chelsea is an area of great cultural significance and it's important to keep art dealers like Pace Editions in residence," Buslik said.
Hoggart's awareness of the popular cultural significance of hymns like Abide with me is an example of the avenues that an acquaintance with his book might have opened out here.
For their project, 4D, they invited twenty-three artists and groups to engage the history and cultural significance of the venue.

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