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Waltham, Massachusetts-based cancer immunotherapy and regenerative medicine company Minerva Biotechnologies has signed a European distribution agreement with Troisdorf, Germany-based life science supplier CellSystems GmbH for the AlphaSTEM Naive Stem Cell Culture System, the company said.
AlphaSTEM Culture System is a simple and natural method for inducing the naive state in human stem cells without using biochemical inhibitors.
The intestinal epithelial organoid culture system was pioneered by Hans Clevers and researchers at the Foundation Hubrecht Organoid Technology (HUB), initiating innovation in in vitro tissue modeling.
this purchase is part of the transition from 2 systems to 1 uniform blood culture system in the new building and which also provides for a renewal of the current equipment for culture of mycobacteria.
The integration of BioProfile FLEX2 with the ambr cell culture systems will result in accelerated commercialization of products and the ability to develop more products at lower cost, while ensuring the best quality of biotherapeutics for patients worldwide.
The medium used for conventional blood culture system is Brain Heart infusion broth with 0.
Automated BACTEC 9240 system can prove to be a new hope for the clinicians and paediatricians for the diagnosis of septicaemia among children as it continuously monitors blood culture system with faster turnaround time.
The company says the AlphaSTEM Culture System is a simple, natural method for inducing the naive state in human stem cells without the use of biochemical inhibitors.
The development of three-dimensional (3D) cell culture systems has greatly expanded over the past few decades.
Following suggestions can be accelerated to humanizing research culture system similar to provision of sufficient resources, addition of latest software, provision of modern professional development skills for academic staff, feedback system and provision of latest research journals.
However, cell yield in micro-carrier culture system depends upon number of micro-carrier / ml and total amount of growth medium in culture vessel yield (Akram et al.
The dip-paddle culture system can be performed in-house and provides reliable results within 24 hours.