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Four summers later, he was hired as a fish culturist.
I can tell you from experience the worst job in the world is taking off those nets when it's snowing and cold,'' the fish culturist said.
Institutions/measures for upholding cultural diversity and promotion of cultural expression are important areas to establish the multi- culturist character of the province.
Although this question challenges the universality of the international human rights by the UN in favor of the relativist and culturist perspective, it does not deny the view that such international formulations are essential for comparative analysis.
4] = Normalized cost of fingerlings cultured per culturist per crop
Pilates has been all the rage since it was created in the early 1920s by a German physical culturist named Joseph Pilates, who propounded the system of using one's natural body weight to stay fit.
One problem facing fish culturist is the need to obtain a balance between a rapid fish growth and optimum use of the supplied feed.
This book is a remarkable testimony to the popular culturist slogan, "popular culture IS culture.
She notes that since the 1960s both disciplines have experienced the culturist phase, structuralist phase, poststructuralist phase and internationalist phase almost at the same time.
McLuhan might have been the world's greatest popular culturist offering what some consider to be an articulated short cut to understanding the phenomenon of the world as viewed through pixels and electrons.
The silk is sold at such high rates throughout the country, but over here we are not getting adequate returns for our efforts," said Jeet Bandhan, a Seri culturist.
According to Roulac, the property modernist orientation is that of the dominant Western culture, whereas the property culturist orientation is not unlike that held by most indigenous peoples.