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CUMULATIVE. Forming a heap; additional; as, cumulative evidence, or that which goes to prove the same point which has been established by other evidence. Cumulative legacy, or accumulative legacy, is a second bequest, given by the same testator to the same legatee. 2 Rop. Log. 19,. See 1 Saund. 134, n. 4; Remedy.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Seven IPPs with a cumulative capacity of 72.52 MW have obtained Letter of Support (LoS) from AEDB and are in the process of achieving financial closing of their projects while seventeen solar power projects of 484 MW cumulative capacity have obtained Letter of Intent (LOI) from AEDB and are at different stages of project development and will be completed during 2018-19.
The cumulative assessment, apart from normal environmental impacts, will study the effects of a project on the social, cultural and economic set- up on local residents and tribal communities.
Within each category, the annual and cumulative returns are derived.
For June 1,2006, the analysis is the same as in Example 1; thus, the cumulative ownership shift on that date was 20%.
In taxation years in which a business source has a loss, the proposed rules require an evaluation of the expected cumulative profit for the entire period during which the taxpayer can reasonably be expected to carry on the business or hold the property.
In contrast, in terms of reducing the cumulative number of new cases of TB, postexposure vaccines initially had substantially greater effectiveness than preexposure vaccines.
Overall, the cumulative probability of HPV infection during two years was 8% for women who were sexually inexperienced at study enrollment; the probability was 15% for women who subsequently had first penetrative sex and 2% for women who did not.
The cumulative habitat impacts from these conventional oil and gas activities, often taken together with forestry operations and other human activities, are particularly acute in Alberta's Eastern Slopes and boreal forest regions.
Cumulative voting was enacted as a settlement to a lawsuit brought by the League of United Latin American Citizens, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and three individuals against Amarillo ISD.
Changing from cumulative weight to cumulative numbers of particles or agglomerates greatly changes the graphs.
Citizens participating in cumulative voting elections generally agree the system is fair, permitting all groups an opportunity to elect representatives of their choice.
The cumulative effect usually is disclosed on the face of the income statement in the year of the change.