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In chapters three through eight, Chomsky makes the case for intellectual activism, and can be seen in the act - the talks on which these essays are based were given to a cumulative audience of 16,000 or more people (on the estimate of the author of the foreword).
We also know that during each week, the cumulative audience for our television station approaches 100% of households, and for radio, about 50% of listeners.
But its ability to define what's news has been undercut by WMUR, whose daily cumulative audience is 220,000 state households.
These are evaluated by models which produce frequency distributions based upon the average and cumulative audience estimates derived from the syndicated research studies.
This sponsorship of the world's largest club competition, comprising 193 professional football teams from 53 countries, provides Western Union with a unique opportunity for worldwide brand visibility, with the competition broadcast in more than 200 countries and enjoying an average cumulative audience of 1.
The 2016 Green Globe Awards had a cumulative audience of nearly 1.
Today there's Discovery Italia, which is the third TV group by cumulative audience shares, achieved through bold acquisitions and aggressive TV offerings that includes three Free-to-Air channels.
Those numbers have long demonstrated the radio-like dilemma CNN faces: Its cumulative audience, or "cume," is generally higher, in much the way more motorists listen to news radio--for traffic, weather, scores--a few minutes at a time.
In addition, television coverage of last year's Wales Rally GB exceeded all expectations and generated the highest cumulative audience of the season attracting a total of 80.

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