Cumulative Evidence

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Cumulative Evidence

Facts or information that proves what has previously been established by other information concerning the same issue.

Cumulative evidence is synonymous with corroborative evidence.

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For cumulative evidence, marginal probative value is the additional weight that E supplies compared to the already-introduced evidence on the same point.
There is cumulative evidence that changes in the metabolism of certain micronutrients like chromium, magnesium and vanadium in T2DM might have a specific role in its pathogenesis and complications2.
'[s]uch evidence must be new and material, and not merely cumulative[,] and cumulative evidence is additional evidence of the same kind to the same point.'" (quoting State v.
"This figure is based on cumulative evidence gathered from the feedback provided by candidates who have attended the course and by the number of participants who were able to get on a flight after attending the course."
So far, "cumulative evidence" regarding the effectiveness of digital devices in learning was "missing in action."
The Court then proceeded to review each of the defendant's claims of ineffective assistance of counsel, rejecting all of them except one, but finding no cumulative evidence or prejudice on that claim to warrant overturning the jury verdict.
A 1998 decision to affirm a violation of 56.18006 was based on cumulative evidence of employees' failure to recognize hazards such as unsafe walking surfaces, inadequate berms, and failure to conduct workplace examinations.
Ncayiyana reviews the cumulative evidence from early observational studies, and from the three landmark randomised controlled trials in Africa.
A review (2007) concludes that the cumulative evidence supports the use of aloe vera for the healing of first to second degree burns.
Far from "adding complexity to an already complicated etiology theory," as Welford and Bossak stated, it seems to us that the cumulative evidence provided by paleomicrobiologic demonstration and by our recent work (1) clarifies the epidemiology of the Black Death and the subsequent epidemics.
It was cumulative evidence of Sweden's growing confidence, butWales responded in equal measure, Bale turning defence into attack with a 70-yard touchline-hugging run, even though he was unable to deliver the ball into the danger area.

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