Cumulative Evidence

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Cumulative Evidence

Facts or information that proves what has previously been established by other information concerning the same issue.

Cumulative evidence is synonymous with corroborative evidence.

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For cumulative evidence, marginal probative value is the additional weight that E supplies compared to the already-introduced evidence on the same point.
There is cumulative evidence that changes in the metabolism of certain micronutrients like chromium, magnesium and vanadium in T2DM might have a specific role in its pathogenesis and complications2.
It was cumulative evidence of Sweden's growing confidence, butWales responded in equal measure, Bale turning defence into attack with a 70-yard touchline-hugging run, even though he was unable to deliver the ball into the danger area.
However, the testimony of the seven witnesses on the meeting failed to convince the judges that Abu Garda was present there saying that the cumulative evidence "is weak and unreliable" due to inconsistencies inherent in them.
Not entirely, of course, but the cumulative evidence is overwhelming'.
That such cumulative evidence cannot yield tidiness gives creativity its delight.
The global reach of this volume is its strength, as is the larger implication of its cumulative evidence that for a full understanding of global communication networks, it does take a story circle that is wide enough to match the reach of the technology itself.
The cumulative evidence of gross neglect that Wales suffered during more than five and a half centuries of being governed totally by that parliament shows conclusively that there is not the slightest prospect of it ever having the interests of Wales at heart.
The suggestion that Hume had a 'Hobbist plan' might initially appear implausible, but the cumulative evidence provided for it is strong.
Given the tendency of an earlier generation of scholars to treat Jewish Christianity as a monolith, the value of this collection can be measured by identifying the diverse positions of these Jewish believers according to the cumulative evidence adduced by the authors, positions as varied as those of the Judaism and Christianity of which they were a part.
Assessment of cumulative evidence on genetic associations: interim guidelines.
However, the cumulative evidence of the alleged encounter with the individual defendant is so marked with inconsistencies and contradictions as not to be credible.

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