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CURATE, eccl. law. One who represents the incumbent of a church, person, or20 vicar, and takes care of the church, and performs divine service in his stead.

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Nicki Chatterton (new |priest) - curate at Holy Trinity church in the parish of Stratford-upon-Avon.
He wanted to raise some money from other past curates and others who knew the Anscombe's.
Phelim, who has been assistant curate (NSM) in the parish for the past two years as well as chaplain at the Cathedral School in Llandaff, takes over as team vicar from Reverend Martin Colton, who has moved to Surrey.
With Create & Curate, we wanted to present an activity for children and their families where they not only make the work for an exhibition but also play a part in the way it looks.
For Canada's Venture Capital & Private Equity Association to curate a collection on triathlons makes no sense--although it makes great sense for Danskin, which makes clothing for triathletes.
She hopes to be able to practice as a vicar in three years time, but as curate she has already led Sunday services, held funerals and one wedding.
LADY IN RED: Adele thrills in stockings and, top left, romping with curate Ethan
assistant curate of Holy Trinity Church, Thornhill, Ont.
I'M aghast at the audacity of Joanna Jepson, the curate who believes doctors should not have performed a late abortion on a woman carrying a baby with a cleft palate (Daily Mirror, December 2).
The fundamental focus of special collections repositories has been to select, curate, and preserve primary source materials, regardless of their format.