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[Latin, Court.] A judicial tribunal or court convened in the sovereign's palace to dispense justice. A court that exercised jurisdiction over civil matters, as distinguished from religious matters, which were determined by ecclesiastical courts, a system of courts in England that were held by authority of the sovereign and had jurisdiction over matters concerning the religion and ritual of the established church.

In England the tribunal of the king's justice was the curia regis, so named because the king originally presided over its proceedings.

See: bar, board, court

CURIA. A court of justice.

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St Ignatius of Loyola in his Spiritual Exercises refers to the 'Three Classes of Men'; perhaps Pope Francis took a cue from this important meditation when he referred to three categories of persons within the curia today.
Sin embargo, hay una profunda desilusion entre los grupos de victimas por la ambiguedad de la Iglesia, la oposicion abigarrada de la curia romana y la falta de contundencia del Papa Francisco, quien debe pasar de la palabra a los hechos, de las buenas intenciones a los resultados, pues pareciera que prioriza otros campos de batalla.
Consequently, the reform of the Roman Curia must be guided by ecclesiology and directed in bonum et in servitium, as is the service of the Bishop of Rome.
Issues in the Future Reform of the Roman Curia Planned by Pope Francis
The context in which the Second Vatican Council discussed the papacy and the Roman Curia is formed by a complex of issues surrounding the problem of church government in the late 20th century, after the "long 19th century," the shock of nationalisms, the two world wars, and the Cold War.
We're sure that this pope has a great deal of affection and love for the institutions of the Church, and the members of the Curia itself.
Quale modello riorganizzativo ha seguito il Pontefice nella riforma della Curia Romana?
Y falta la segunda etapa de todo este asunto: ver quien queda de secretario de Estado, si la curia romana consigue meter a alguno de sus Cuadros, como Leonardo Sandri, de Argentina; u Odilo Scherer, de Brasil, o a alguien mas de su aparato burocratico.
This finding confirms the general was stabbed right at the bottom of the Curia while presiding over a meeting of the Senate.
Because of the fuller range of sources available, this second part of the book has the most to offer, especially to historians interested in the English church and the papal curia in the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries.