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How might the composition of current liabilities at Southwest Airlines contribute to low current and quick ratios?
Conventional accounting reports CPLTD among current liabilities because, logically, it is a liability due in the current period.
The treasurer can seriously affect this relationship if the amount of current liabilities on the balance sheet is atypical of the average amount of current liabilities.
The distinction between the insolvency risk of individual current liabilities is not as easily defined as the distinction between the liquidity risks of individual current assets.
Liabilities and stockholders' equity Current liabilities Notes payable 267,000 Withholding payable 2,000 Other liabilities Other liabilities 3,000 Accounts payable-specialty groups 740,000 Hospital risk pool assessment 100,000 Total current liabilities 1,112,000
Table Two Case 1 Case 2 Case 3 Current Liabilities 43 16 69 Deferred Liabilities 14 71 28 Equity 43 13 3 Total Liabilities or Total Assets 100 100 100 Debt-to-Total Assets Ratio (%) 57 87 97
Total Current Liabilities 2,186,000 7,502,000 6,871,000
6 permits a short term obligation to be excluded from current liabilities if the company has the ability and intent to refinance the debt on a long-term basis.

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