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As well as the first cursus monument to have been recognised, it is also one of the largest.
The Dyke shows characteristics of two classes of early Neolithic monument - a bank barrow and a cursus monument - and the excavation has confirmed some of these observations.
Llantwit Major archaeology mornings meet at 10am at Llantwit Major Town Hall Heritage Centre every Thursday, and next week the subject is unusual cursus monuments, large enclosed sites whose meaning is difficult to understand.
Cotswold-type (long barrow) monuments and causewayed enclosures feature strongly, and a detailed analysis of ceremonial sites indicates a marked regionality of Cotswold tombs, long cairns and other mortuary structures, causewayed enclosures and cursus monuments.
Lochhill and Pitnacree: Noble 2006) and late fifth-millennium BC linear monuments in northern France (Kinnes 1999), followed by the construction of cursus monuments from about 3500 cal BC (Barclay & Harding 1999).
The sites lie in south-west Scotland outside Dumfries: the henge at Pict's Knowe, two cursus monuments at Holywood, a stone circle at the Twelve Apostles, and crop marks at Holm.
Compared with earlier constructions in the fourth millennium such as long barrows, causewayed enclosures and cursus monuments, what does the change of scale signify?
report on the excavation of two cursus monuments at Drayton, Oxfordshire, and Lechlade, Gloucestershire.
Selective felling could have created avenues for the approach to a monument, and may even have been a forerunner to cursus monuments (so far rather rare in Wales itself) or to more formalised avenues as at Avebury and Stonehenge.
More recently, causewayed enclosures (Sheridan 2001) and cursus monuments (Newman 1999) have been identified in Ireland.
In the Neolithic, for example, no border divides the distribution of cursus monuments (although I am as guilty as another in drawing distribution maps that stop at the border) but the `Cursus Project'--a flagship project to document and explore the cursus monuments of all of mainland Britain, supported by English, Scottish and Welsh agencies--unfortunately foundered.
Neither term warrants an entry in an Index which is dominated by references to enclosures, standing stones, stone circles, cursus monuments, henges, hillforts, passage-graves and stone rows.