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Considering the largest curve radius (2000 m), for low values of traction the Australian CoCo locomotive generates lower lateral loads on track, but for higher values of traction the two-axles solution is again better, allowing a greater reduction of the lateral load.
Yotis, "Minimum horizontal curve radius as function of grade incurred by vehicle motion in driving mode," Transportation Research Record, no.
Caption: Figure 1: Clavicle geometrical measurements: general length (S1), sternal diameter (S2), acromial diameter (S3), middle diameter (S4), depth of the medial curve (S5), depth of the lateral curve (S6), medial curve radius (R1), and lateral curve radius (R2).
While analyzing railway curves and superelevation, the following parameters are usually taken into account: curve radius R, superelevation h, superelevation excess [h.sub.e], superelevation deficiency [h.sub.d], lateral acceleration a, balanced speed [v.sub.eq].
The distribution of curves in Lithuanian railway lines by curve radius R is portrayed in Fig 1.
A 2 (visual occlusion) x 3 (curve radius) repeated-measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) was conducted for most dependent measures, except for VisD and lane excursions.
in Harahan, La., explains that the type of belt used can enable significant reductions in the curve radius of a conveyor.
Mr Ballinger also misinterprets the term "turning circle" which meant curve radius of bus outer body point.
This consists in raising the outer rail by an amount which depends on the track gauge, the curve radius and the expected speed of the train, according to the formula:
part 1: Purchase 1 high-performance bedding machine, As follows: Track: 1435 mm editing section: Uic 505-1 maximum speed in self-propelled mode: 80 km / h maximum speed towed: 100 km / h towed trawl weight: 150 t minimum track curve radius in running mode: 150 m maximum pitch without tow: 30 wheel diameter: Min.900 mm axle load: Max.20 t electrical system: 12/24 v dc built-in aggregator: 400v / 230v ac working rail system: 48, 49, 54, 60 kg / m working: On a runway and on every type of detour for screening adjustable working speed: 0 - 1600 m / h minimum working radius at work.
[9] considered the curve radius to be the most significant indicator in determining the operating speed and used it as the dominant independent variable to predict operating speed on horizontal curves.
* Three criteria were proposed to be renamed to improve clarity and understanding: horizontal alignment to horizontal curve radius; grade to maximum grade (to eliminate minimum grade as a controlling criterion); and structural capacity to design loading structural capacity.