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ACTHomas with Cushing's disease represent 10-15% of pituitary tumors.
Reflecting the panel's recommendations to further study the long-term adverse effects of hyperglycemia and diabetes associated with the drug after approval, the FDA is requiring the company to conduct three postmarketing studies: a study that evaluates the management of hyperglycemia in treated patients; a long-term registry study of people with Cushing's disease treated with the drug; and a safety study that will monitor reports of serious hyperglycemia, acute liver injury, and adrenal insufficiency in patients treated with pasireotide.
Patients with Cushing's disease may suffer from debilitating manifestations, and there are many serious health complications associated with the disease," said Mary Andrews, CEO and Co-Founder of the US non-profit, The MAGIC Foundation.
Even though this patient was on corticosteroids for only 15 months before this neurological presentation, she had already manifested signs of idiopathic Cushing's disease.
Persistence of increased cardiovascular risk in patients with Cushing's disease after five years of successful cure.
Equine Cushing's disease is caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the production and regulation of hormones.
Plasma level monitoring of mitotane (o,p'-DDD) and its metabolite (o,p'-DDE) during long-term treatment of Cushing's disease with low doses.
If the normal maximum levels of cortisol seen during the morning are maintained through 24 hours, a patient may have Cushing's disease.
Several therapies are available to treat the ACTH-secreting pituitary adenomas of Cushing's disease.
Novartis developed SOM230, or pasireotide, to treat a hormone disorder known as Cushing's disease.
Avoid clipping your horses' hair too early unless they have Cushing's disease, or another condition that causes them to grow an abnormally long coat.
In addition, this analysis provided detailed, clinically relevant segmentations for Cushing's disease in order to improve the management of the disease.