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CUSTOM-HOUSE. A place appointed by law, in ports of entry, where importers of goods, wares and merchandise are bound to enter the same, in order to pay or secure the duties or customs due to the government.

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dazzling lights Fireworks over Dublin's Custom House on Sunday
Some of the historic building would be kept - including the original 1845 facades on Custom House Street and St Mary Street but the 1865 facade removed.
Turley said the retention of the Custom House facade will retain the qualities of its original features.
With over USD20bn in assets under administration, Custom House Global Fund Services is an independent hedge fund administration specialist that delivers services in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
Today, Liverpool One occupies the former location of the building, with Custom House Place existing as a silent reminder to this now lost architectural beauty.
Along with expansion in Asian markets and enhancements to its proprietary Gateway technology platform, this deal builds upon the strong momentum of Custom House since its separation from TMF Group earlier this year.
It is important to state that November 21,a suicide bomber blew himself up inside the premises of Torkham Custom house injuring twenty six persons in which two have dead so far.
The Model Customs Collectorate of Appraisement Custom House Karachi has taken the initiative under section 82 of the Customs Act.
To learn more about Mayfair Signs and custom house signs visit, http://www.
The Custom House would not have been visible from the point from which your photo was taken.
Today, Custom House is on plan to generate US $100 million in annualized revenue, primarily from senders in seven countries including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.
Address : The Assisstant Commissioner Of Customs (Chs), 60, Rajaji Salai, Custom House, Chennai