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CUSTOM-HOUSE. A place appointed by law, in ports of entry, where importers of goods, wares and merchandise are bound to enter the same, in order to pay or secure the duties or customs due to the government.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The addition of the Custom House business bolsters Apex's existing hedge fund service arm.
Demolition work revealed the Custom House's remarkable pattern of cellars and underground rooms, in April,
Turley said the retention of the Custom House facade will retain the qualities of its original features.
With over USD20bn in assets under administration, Custom House Global Fund Services is an independent hedge fund administration specialist that delivers services in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
It is important to state that November 21,a suicide bomber blew himself up inside the premises of Torkham Custom house injuring twenty six persons in which two have dead so far.
The Custom House in its statement stated that those who will fail to release their shipments in due days their goods would be auctioned under "Customs Rules" without any intimation.
Custom house signs provide unlimited, creative possibilities that the entire family can participate in.
For several years, I worked in Martins Bank on the corner of Park Lane, right behind the Custom House, and can well remember its sizeable central Dome, which was eventually hit by a German bomb.
In March it was announced that Aviva Investors, through its Lime Property Fund, agreed to fund the 20-storey hotel, bar and restaurant scheme at the site of the empty Custom House and York Hotel buildings at the bottom of St Mary Street.
There were huge celebrations in Dublin's Custom House Quay and Cork's Oliver Plunkett venue was packed as partygoers braved the cold for a fun night of entertainment from Big Swinging Mikies and Cosmic Funk.
The main function of the Custom House was to collect tolls and excise duties, a key function for a world renowned port.
21 July 2015 - Irish fund administration services firm Custom House Fund Services has acquired the majority of the US clients of the former Dundee Leeds Management Services, the company said.