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CUSTOMS. This term is usually applied to those taxes which are payable upon goods and merchandise imported or exported. Story, Const. Sec. 949; Bac. Ab. Smuggling.

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We welcome the announcement on custom duty increase in mobile phones from 15pc to 20 pc in the Union Budget 2018-19.
Additionally, since the custom duty regime in the neighbouring countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Pakistan and Maldives) is now much lower than in India, the differential in duties created is likely to lead to the smuggling of many of the low-bulk-high-value devices.
NAB Lahore is investigating a mega corruption scam related to evasion and mis-calculation of custom Duty being implicated over import of Betel Leaf from abroad during 2008-12.
The Pakistani government also charged a vehicle carrying animals 20,000 rupees in custom duty, he concluded.
Khan said the government on their demand did not reduce custom duty to uniform level of 10 percent from 20-25 percent on two categories, (uncoated and coated paper and board).
The ministry's present practice of issuing ' custom duty exemption certificate' may be dispensed with.
a) Reduction of custom duty from 20 to 3 percent on import of pre-fabricated clean rooms
He said that cigarettes amounting Rs88bn are consumed in Pakistan every year which caused lose of more than Rs14bn to national kitty due to smuggling and non recovery of custom duty.
KARACHI -- Federal Revenue Board's Model Customs Collectorate has realized an increase of Rs 27,792 million from Custom Duty, Sales Tax, Federal Excise Duty, Withholding Tax and Petroleum products surcharge during the current fiscal year (July 15-Jan 16).
27 ( ANI ): Indian exporters have appealed to the Bangladesh Government to reduce the hiked custom duty imposed on oranges to facilitate cross-border trade between the two countries.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Finance and Revenue, Senator Ishaq Dar on Friday proposed reduction in custom duty on import of fish feed pellet machines and water aerators from 5 percent to 2 percent.
The Finance Minister said: "A concessional custom duty of 5 per cent to machinery instruments, equipments and appliances etc.