Customary rights

CUSTOMARY RIGHTS. Rights which are acquired by custom. They differ from prescriptive rights in this, that the former are local usages, belonging to all the inhabitants of a particular place or district-the latter are rights of individuals, independent of the place of their residence. Best on Pres. Sec. 79; Cruise, Dig. t. 31, c. 1, Sec. 7; 2 Greenl. Evi 542.

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Two regimes of land tenure exist in most African countries: one based on private property rights and another based on customary rights.
Castle Rackrent's Thaddy is read as the spokesperson for a community bearing witness to the elimination of ancient trees and customary rights by the successive inheritors of the Rackrent estate: the voice of an indigenous intergenerational imagination that alone "can apprehend the slow violence being done to land that is used for profit" (10).
Furthermore, actual results may differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements and will be affected by a variety of risks and factors that are beyond the Company's control including, without limitation, that the closing of the aforementioned offering is subject to, among other things, standard closing conditions and customary rights of the underwriters to terminate the underwriting agreement due to any outbreak or escalation of hostilities, or any change in financial markets, or any calamity or crisis, either within or outside the United States, or in certain other circumstances, and the factors included in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2014.
Contract award: customary rights of renewal and maintenance of hr modules and gf cegid public.
Shortly after last year's victory, Maanda Ngoitiko of PWC Tanzania and Fred Nelson, Executive Director of Maliasili Initiatives, wrote in The Guardian that, "Tanzania has one of the most progressive land laws in the continent in terms of safeguarding communities' customary rights, and it is the fact that the Maasai in Loliondo possess documented rights to their land that has enabled them to make their case effectively.
Part 2 is essentially about change--change the Sarawak Government has tried to impose on Penan society so they will become "mainstreamed" and the issues of native customary rights and land titles.
In places where customary rights to fisheries are well-defined, communities can regulate access by controlling fishing methods, location, and timing.
September 22, 2012 (LONDON) -- The African Union mediation proposed to organise a referendum in October 2013 in the disputed Abyei area but said the parties have to agree on a number of measures to restore confidence and guarantee customary rights of the Misseriya herders.
1) Customary rights apply to lands recognised locally as under community jurisdiction.
The actions of groups like Greenpeace will likely undermine the gains made by indigenous communities in gaining recognition for their customary rights.
The actions of groups like Greenpeace and WWF will likely undermine the gains made by indigenous communities in gaining recognition for their customary rights.
The paper also quoted Lingaraj Azad, a leader of the Save Niyamgiri Committee, as saying that 'the Dongria Kondh's campaign was not just that of an isolated tribe for its customary rights over its traditional lands and habitats, but that of the entire world over protecting our natural heritage'.