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the total of cost, insurance and freight charges to be paid on goods purchased and shipped.

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‘cost, insurance, freight’, a special type of sale of goods. The quoted price includes the cost of the goods, the cost of insurance while the goods are in transit and the cost of the freight to the destination. It clearly eases the buying of goods across national boundaries, especially so where distance is involved. The seller is in the best position to obtain a good price for insurance and freight, so the utility of the standard contract is evident. The seller delivers the goods to the carrier and sends the invoice, insurance policy and bill of lading to the buyer.
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An additional benefit is elimination of the pervasive "silo" mentality, since use of Microsoft's .NET framework and a service-oriented architecture allow all our LoanQuest products to work seamlessly within a customer information file (CIF) philosophy.
Loan servicing presents the opportunity to expand services provided by the institution and to solidify the customer base with a true, customer-centric approach (built around what we call a "customer information file").

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